Estimated Total Number of Employees Laid Off En Masse Since January 1, 2020


CompanyParent CompanyReasonEstimated Number of EmployeesRegionDate Announced (DD/MM/YY)News Release
**Multiple**COVID-19 Impact136Global19/03/2020COVID-19 Tracking by FlippedNormals, MarketPlace on Layoffs from COVID-19
Fogbank EntertainmentDisney (FoxNext Games)Closure60North America24/01/2020Venture Beat, Gamasutra, Games Industry
Playful StudiosRestructure80North America22/01/2020News Release, Gamasutra, Games Industry, Game Daily
Backflip StudiosHasbro, Inc.Closure86North America24/10/2019Games Industry, Gamasutra, Denver Business Journal, WARN Notice
Kindly Beast Inc.Restructure50North America14/10/2019Games Industry
Rooster TeethAT&TRestructure50North America12/09/2019Variety, The Austin Chronicle
GameStop Restructure 120North America 20/08/2019Kotaku, Game Informer, Gamasutra
GameStopRestructure50North America01/08/2019Gamasutra, Games Industry, Twitter
LuckyHammersClosure70North America15/07/2019GWU Twitter, Gamasutra, Games Industry, Pocket Gamer
StarbreezeRestructure60Europe04/06/2019Gamasutra, Cision, Eurogamer
QC Games Inc, LLCClosure48North America03/04/2019Shack News, Games Industry, Game Revolution, Gamasutra
Electronic ArtsRestructure350North America26/03/2019Kotaku
Tencent Holdings Ltd.Restructure5,000Asia18/03/2019Bloomberg, Reuters, Fortune
FireMonkeysElectronic Arts Restructure50Australia21/02/2019Kotaku, Game Workers Unite
ArenaNetNCSoft WestRestructure143North America21/02/2019Kotaku, PC Games Inside
*Activision BlizzardRestructure591Asia12/02/2019Kotaku, Forbes
*Activision Blizzard Restructure209North America12/02/2019WARN Act Notice, State of California
Daybreak GamesRestructure70North America07/12/2018Gamasutra
Trion WorldsAcquisition+150North America22/10/2018Polygon, Gamasutra, Game Informer
Six Foot GamesSix Foot, LLCRestructure45North America18/10/2018Game Informer, Gamasutra, Games Industry
Big Fish GamesRestructure110North America26/09/2018GamesIndustry, Gamasutra
Telltale GamesClosure400North America21/09/2018Kotaku, The Verge
Capcom VancouverClosure158North America18/09/2018Kotaku
Carbine StudiosNCSoftClosure50North America06/09/2018Kotaku
Wargaming SeattleWargaming Closure150North America23/05/2018GeekWire
Boss Key ProductionsClosure65North America14/05/2018PC Gamer
Hangar 13RestructureUnknownNorth America15/02/2018Kotaku
Gazillion EntertainmentClosure75North America22/11/2017Kotaku
Telltale GamesRestructure90North America07/11/2017WARN Notice, Games Industry, Polygon
*Runic Games
Perfect World
Closure48North America03/11/2017Kotaku, Polygon, PC Gamer
*Motiga GamesPerfect WorldRestructure/Closure100North America 03/11/2017 Kotaku, Polygon, PC Gamer
Visceral GamesElectronic Arts Closure80North America17/10/2017Kotaku, Forbes
PopCapElectronic Arts Restructure45North America09/05/2017The Seattle Times
Goodgame StudiosRestructure200Europe24/01/2017Gamasutra, Goodgame Studios
WG CellsWargamingClosure64North America23/08/2016GeekWire
Goodgame StudiosRestructure400Europe22/08/2016Games Industry, Gamasutra, Games Wirtschaft
Turbine Gaming Warner Bros. RestructureUnknownNorth America08/07/2016Games Industry, MCV
*Gameloft ValenciaGameloftClosure18Europe22/04/2016Gamasutra, Games Industry
*Gameloft New ZealandGameloft Closure160Australia27/01/2016Gamasutra
*Gameloft SeattleGameloft Closure15North America23/09/2015Gamasutra
*Gameloft TokyoGameloft Restructure80Asia04/09/2015Gamasutra, Games Industry
*Gameloft New York CityGameloft Closure100North America08/07/2015Gamasutra, Games Industry
Evolution StudiosSonyRestructure55Europe23/03/2015Eurogamer
Disney InteractiveDisneyRestructure700North America06/03/2014The New York Times
Irrational GamesTake-Two InteractiveRestructure75North America19/02/2014Kotaku
Turbine GamingWarner Bros. RestructureUnknownNorth America12/02/2014Venture Beat,, Polygon, Gamasutra
Blitz Games StudiosClosure175Europe12/09/2013Gamespot
EA PhenomicElectronic Arts Closure60Europe12/07/2013GamesIndustry
IO InteractiveSquare Enix EuropeRestructure70Europe07/06/2013Eurogamer, Video Gamer
*Zynga LAZyngaClosure55North America03/06/2013TechCrunch, Boston Globe, Reuters, San Francisco Examner
*Zynga SFZyngaRestructure360North America03/06/2013 TechCrunch, Boston Globe, Reuters, San Francisco Examner
*Zynga DallasZyngaClosure62North America
TechCrunch, Boston Globe, Reuters, San Francisco Examner
*Zynga NYZynga Closure43Global
TechCrunch, Boston Globe, Reuters, San Francisco Examner
Trion WorldsRestructure+100North America17/05/2013Kotaku
Timegate StudiosClosure55North America09/05/2013Kotaku
Glu MobileRestructure68North America, Asia02/05/2013IGN, GamesIndustry
Travian Game GmbHRestructure60Europe24/04/2013GamesIndustry
EA HyderabadElectronic Arts Restructure50South Asia17/04/2013GameSpot, MCV India
Slant Six GamesRestructure60North America11/04/2013Eurogamer, GamesIndustry
*Electronic Arts Restructure 250North America11/04/2013Gamasutra, Globo
*EA Mobile/EA DigitalElectronic Arts ClosureSouth America04/04/2013Gamasutra, Globo
LucasArtsDisney Restructure/Closure200North America04/04/2013Kotaku, The Wall Street Journal
RealUdtp Entertainment AG Closure65South East Asia30/03/2013MMO Culture, Engadget
*Visceral Games Electronic ArtsRestructureUnknownNorth America21/02/2013Polygon
*Danger CloseElectronic Arts Restructure UnknownNorth America 21/02/2013Polygon, DigitalTrends
*Disney Interactive Disney Restructure50North America29/01/2013Los Angeles Times
*Junction PointDisney Closure140North America29/01/2013Los Angeles Times, Giant Bomb, Polygon
Gameloft IndiaGameloftClosure+250South Asia29/01/2013Gamasutra
*Vigil GamesTHQBankruptcy/Closure8025/01/2013Game Informer
CodemastersRestructure80Europe18/01/2013Gamasutra, Eurogamer
Turbine Gaming Warner Bros. RestructureUnknownNorth America25/10/2012Games Industry, Polygon, Engadget
PopCap Games Electronic Arts Restructure50North America21/08/2012IGN
OnLiveAcquisition90North America18/08/2012International Business Times
WB Games SeattleWarner Bros.Restructure60North America26/07/2012Game Rant, Engadget
Big Huge Games38 StudiosClosure107North America25/05/2012The Baltimore Sun
THQ, Inc.THQClosure52North America13/06/2011WARN Notice
Bizarre Creations LimitedActivisionClosure200Europe15/02/2011Gamespot, The Guardian, Games Industry

– Last updated March 24, 2020

A mass layoff event is defined as the separation of fifty (50) or more employees from their jobs within a 31 day time period. Non-renewal of contracts is not considered a layoff event. Because the video games industry relies heavily on contractors, the figures presented here are representative of full time employees (FTE) only. It can be assumed that more contractors did not have their contracts renewed and/or were terminated per the terms of their agreements in relation to these and other business decisions. In order to attempt to reflect contractors, we will take the standard deviation of all events between 50-100 persons, and subtract that from 50 to determine a baseline of layoff events to include here. In order to be conservative in our estimates, if a range estimate is provided for the number of workers affected we will maximize that number of affected workers. On edge cases, this may cause some layoffs to appear inflated.

In cases of publishers or parent companies that have control over several smaller studios and initiate layoffs at two (2) or more of those studios as part of restructuring, if the aggregate number of layoffs is fifty (50) persons or greater we will consider that a single mass layoff event and include it here. Cases such as this will be marked with an asterisk (*). Cases due to sudden economic condition changes like disease pandemics or economic recessions will be marked with two asterisks (**). As these correspond across multiple companies and regions, a tracking mechanism will be linked to instead of a news report if a report is unavailable.

It is important to point out that many studios will seek to assist employees through the transition period between termination and new jobs by providing networking and career fairs to them.

Let us know! Contact us below to let us know about any mass layoffs that have occurred in your area. Please make sure to include the company name, location, estimated number of employees affected, and a link (if possible) to the announcement.